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When you stay at the Clipper Ship Inn, you are close to area landmarks, museums, restaurants and shopping. Clipper Ship Inn is surrounded by some of the most historic and scenic locations in the New England area. Explore the region where the colonial roots of liberty emerged leading to the formation of a new nation, the United States of America!

Literature and maps are available at the Clipper Ship Inn. Traveling a short distance, you reach the National Park Service Visitor Center. View several films documenting Salem’s flourishing maritime trade with the Far East in addition to the tragic events of the witch trials.

Retrace the witch trials of 1692. Step back in time on the narrow winding streets. Tour historic homes still in existence today. Chronicle the life of Salem’s native son and American literature writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne. Mingle with the locals and hear tales of sea captains adventures whose names grace the streets and wharves. Learn why Salem emerged as one of the richest and busiest seaports worldwide in the 1800s.

Visit the world class Peabody Essex Museum which showcases artifacts from bygone eras. Navigate the coastline by sea during the day while discovering Salem’s ghostly tales at night. Drop into the many restaurants for spirits and a bite to eat. Round off the experience visiting eclectic boutiques and nightlife venues.

Today, Salem is closely located to other destinations: Boston, Marblehead, Gloucester and Rockport to just name of few. From the Clipper Ship Inn, you can reach most points of interest in the area within 30 minutes. Walk along Boston’s famous Freedom Trail… Visit a sailors paradise at Marblehead Harbor… Take a stroll along the many scenic beaches of the North Shore communities… Experience a whale expedition off the coast of Gloucester… Visit the quaint art colony of Rockport…

To find more information regarding Salem, the North Shore region and Massachusetts, we suggest you visit the following websites for information:

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Should your plans extend beyond Massachusetts, you can reach New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island within 1 to 1 1/2 hours drive.

Whether visiting local museums, spending a day at the beach or just looking to relax,
the Clipper Ship Inn is a central location to it all!

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